Fringe Heists

Episode 1: Leaving Dac

With the characters having been introduced to each other, they were soon approached by a friendly middle-aged named Aren Thule, who had heard about their abilities and wanted to offer them an opportunity to make some credits.

They all made their way to the Golden Reef casino, where they were essentially told of a Bith named Murro (no surname given), who was recently arrested on a nearby planet by the Imperials. He is a friend to some important people, and so Aren is looking to put together a team on Dac to break him out. With a blueprint of the Imperial base, 2,000 credits each and a ship (plus an additional 8,000 available if they a) come back as a group and b) give the Imperials reason to believe the jailbreak was not the primary objective), the offer was quickly accepted by the group.

He ominously warned them that should they try to simply vanish with the ship, things would not go well for them, since Aren is a member in a powerful organisation…

After an extremely successful hyperspace jump which cut the 4-day trip down to 3, the group made their way to the planet of Rutan, a temperate agriworld mainly covered in plains, with a single, large Imperial colony city acting as base to an Imperial presence in this sector.

The crew were stopped and searched by an Imperial security vessel, and then, after landing at the settlement of Arris, searched again by Imperial customs.

They then spent a day and night on the planet discovering the following information:

  1. There is a contingent of Imperial administrative staff employed at the base, who do not live there.
  2. A secure transport will arrive in 2 weeks time to collect the prisoners and take them to an (undisclosed) Imperial penal planet.
  3. There are security cameras at key positions throughout the base complex.

In addition, Jo showed his usefulness to the group when he made friends with a young Imperial administrator and expressed an interest in the base’s aquarium. This young Imperial promised to see what he could do about getting Jo in, to take a look at the impressive aquatic creatures they have on display.


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