Fringe Heists

Episode 2: Escape From Rutan

Hmmm, wishful thinking, I guess!

Having discussed various other options, our intrepid heroes continued in their pursuit of the best way to break into the Imperial Base on Arris.

Searching out the local bounty officer, Scarlitte Gido made friends with a crusty street urchin who eventually acted as guide. Although Scarlitte’s purse was a little lighter after the encounter, she was faithfully led to a dingy cantina.

The bounty officer, a Devaronian named Gault, was able to shed a little light on Murro, in that Murro was not arrested in Arris itself, but brought in on a landspeeder from somewhere further inland on the continent.

The group also discovered that the head of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) on Rutan, Sal Olberg, is a corrupt official, who lives at the Imperial base. Due to the amount of bribes he takes, there are rumours that there he keeps a big haul of credits somewhere on site. This seemed to get Tox’s interest.

In the meantime five days spent scouting out the Imperial Base proved to be less than useful, though it was observed that a speeder truck made regular deliveries into the base. Ar Jaan was quick to engage the rest of the group in renting two landspeeders and following the trucks to their source: a Tibanna gas factory.

Finally, while debating their next course of action, Tox Shodu heard about the upcoming nexu hunt. Apparently Sal Olberg (the head of the ISB here on Rutan) is a big game hunt fanatic, and has imported a large number of the deadly nexu to a large, forested island. A hunt has been arranged, and will be starting in the next few days.

The rules: 1,000 credits entrance per team, with 1,500 credits being awarded per killed nexu, and the group with the most kills being granted a personal audience with none other than Sal Olberg himself, who will then grant the winners with a surprise grand prize.

With Ar Jaan’s assitance, Scarlitte and Tox purchased fake identification and some supplies for the hunt, while Jo Damba got to work borrowing 5,000 credits from a local loan shark, and promptly betting 4,500 of it on his team to win the hunt, at odds of 6 to 1.

With Makatros recovering from some strange virus in time for the big hunt, the group are anxious to see if he will go on the expedition, or stay behind in Arris, as Jo and Ar will be doing.


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