Fringe Heists

Episode 2: Escape From Rutan
Hmmm, wishful thinking, I guess!

Having discussed various other options, our intrepid heroes continued in their pursuit of the best way to break into the Imperial Base on Arris.

Searching out the local bounty officer, Scarlitte Gido made friends with a crusty street urchin who eventually acted as guide. Although Scarlitte’s purse was a little lighter after the encounter, she was faithfully led to a dingy cantina.

The bounty officer, a Devaronian named Gault, was able to shed a little light on Murro, in that Murro was not arrested in Arris itself, but brought in on a landspeeder from somewhere further inland on the continent.

The group also discovered that the head of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) on Rutan, Sal Olberg, is a corrupt official, who lives at the Imperial base. Due to the amount of bribes he takes, there are rumours that there he keeps a big haul of credits somewhere on site. This seemed to get Tox’s interest.

In the meantime five days spent scouting out the Imperial Base proved to be less than useful, though it was observed that a speeder truck made regular deliveries into the base. Ar Jaan was quick to engage the rest of the group in renting two landspeeders and following the trucks to their source: a Tibanna gas factory.

Finally, while debating their next course of action, Tox Shodu heard about the upcoming nexu hunt. Apparently Sal Olberg (the head of the ISB here on Rutan) is a big game hunt fanatic, and has imported a large number of the deadly nexu to a large, forested island. A hunt has been arranged, and will be starting in the next few days.

The rules: 1,000 credits entrance per team, with 1,500 credits being awarded per killed nexu, and the group with the most kills being granted a personal audience with none other than Sal Olberg himself, who will then grant the winners with a surprise grand prize.

With Ar Jaan’s assitance, Scarlitte and Tox purchased fake identification and some supplies for the hunt, while Jo Damba got to work borrowing 5,000 credits from a local loan shark, and promptly betting 4,500 of it on his team to win the hunt, at odds of 6 to 1.

With Makatros recovering from some strange virus in time for the big hunt, the group are anxious to see if he will go on the expedition, or stay behind in Arris, as Jo and Ar will be doing.

Episode 1: Leaving Dac

With the characters having been introduced to each other, they were soon approached by a friendly middle-aged named Aren Thule, who had heard about their abilities and wanted to offer them an opportunity to make some credits.

They all made their way to the Golden Reef casino, where they were essentially told of a Bith named Murro (no surname given), who was recently arrested on a nearby planet by the Imperials. He is a friend to some important people, and so Aren is looking to put together a team on Dac to break him out. With a blueprint of the Imperial base, 2,000 credits each and a ship (plus an additional 8,000 available if they a) come back as a group and b) give the Imperials reason to believe the jailbreak was not the primary objective), the offer was quickly accepted by the group.

He ominously warned them that should they try to simply vanish with the ship, things would not go well for them, since Aren is a member in a powerful organisation…

After an extremely successful hyperspace jump which cut the 4-day trip down to 3, the group made their way to the planet of Rutan, a temperate agriworld mainly covered in plains, with a single, large Imperial colony city acting as base to an Imperial presence in this sector.

The crew were stopped and searched by an Imperial security vessel, and then, after landing at the settlement of Arris, searched again by Imperial customs.

They then spent a day and night on the planet discovering the following information:

  1. There is a contingent of Imperial administrative staff employed at the base, who do not live there.
  2. A secure transport will arrive in 2 weeks time to collect the prisoners and take them to an (undisclosed) Imperial penal planet.
  3. There are security cameras at key positions throughout the base complex.

In addition, Jo showed his usefulness to the group when he made friends with a young Imperial administrator and expressed an interest in the base’s aquarium. This young Imperial promised to see what he could do about getting Jo in, to take a look at the impressive aquatic creatures they have on display.

Episode 0: Introductions

In the introductory episode, each of the characters were introduced to the rest of the group, as they showed off their assorted talents on the planet of Dac.


This Duro is (as many of his species are) a skilled pilot. Being both bored and down on his luck, he has taken to petty crimes to pass the time and make a quick credit or two.

After being spotted approaching a young Twi’lek to snatch her handbag, he noticed a distracted man sitting on his own at a bench in a busy market, with a briefcase beside him. The snatch may have been easy enough, but it wasn’t very subtle, and before he knew it, he was being pursued through the crowds by some bouncers-turned-market-security.

In the footchase that ensued, Makatros managed to slip onto the rooftops, before spying a hotel garage full of getaway vehicles. Only just ahead of his pursuers, he managed to steal a speeder bike and gain a slight head start on the security guards, who hijacked a passing (and slow) speeder of their own.

Makatros took them on a merry chase before eventually leaving them in his wake and peeling off an impossible wheelie in the sky above the very market he made his theft in.

Little did he know that this extravagant display of piloting skill was noticed by some important people…

Scarlitte Gido

This human has put her considerable Imperial military training to good use and is now an effective assassin, on a world where many scores are being settled before someone attempts to restore order.

A rather ineffective game of sabacc in a local watering hole seemed to have little impact on her nerves as she got up to leave. To anyone in the cantina, there was no reason to suspect that Scarlitte was, in fact, following a young female Twi’lek out.

In the streets outside, she quickly melted into the shadows in order to evade watching eyes as she made her stealthy way up to her unsuspecting mark.

Due to Scarlitte’s amazing skills, she was able to creep directly up to the young woman before firing a rather loud blaster hole into her. The noise was explosive in the still night, and a young urchin was seen staring at her in horror.

The cry of “help, murder!” filled the air, and Scarlitte had to quickly saw off one of her mark’s distinctive lekku as evidence of the murder. Local security were onto her quite quickly but were unable to catch her, before she was able to duck into a nearby building and convince the underworld thugs inside that it was in their best interest to hide her.

A description of her was soon distributed through the city, and it wasn’t long before some important people heard about this ruthless killer…

Tox Shodu

This Rodian has seen her fair share of troubles, but this has only made her more determined to improve herself. She is in her element on a dark night, either breaking into wealthy buildings, or hunting dangerous animals in some rugged wilderness.

It was in such a scenario that she found herself one dark evening. Sneaking through the rooms in a sumptuous residence, she was quickly able to identify the hiding spot for some credits and a datapad full of information.

A noise in the house brought her to full attention, and she soundlessly made her way up some nearby stairs (miraculously without making a single sound on the old wood) and slipped deftly out of a window. The fall to the ground below would have injured most people, but Tox landed softly on her feet, somehow managing to pull the window closed behind her.

Her fence in a nearby pawnshop provided her with her payment, but unwisely made a snide remark about females which earned him a blaster bolt full on in the face. Before his unconcious body hit the ground, a cry of alarm went up outside, and Tox was forced to leave before she could loot the pawnshop.

When the owner woke up shortly after, he contacted his higher-ups and related the incident, making Tox’s name more known than when she arrived on Dac…

Ar Jaan

This Sullustan technician has found it hard to find a good paying job, despite the fact that he is so skilled at fixing pretty much anything electronic or mechanical.

As a result, he was saving up some credits working a boring job at the local spaceport, when a Firespray-class ship landed. The unmistakable roar of a Wookie cause him to see this creature as a captive for a heavily-armoured bounty hunter.

Knowing that there is a universal Imperial bounty on Wookies, to be enslaved for the war machine, Ar instantly could think of nothing else than freeing this creature.

He followed them to a nearby building, then sliced into a terminal and turned the inside temperature to scorchingly hot levels. He then intercepted an outgoing call for a repairman and infiltrated the building.

It didn’t take him long to slice into the security network and open the Wookie’s cell just as a bounty hunter was walking past it. In the confusion that followed, Ar ran for his life and hotwired a nearby speeder bike, scratching it’s beautiful golden paintwork in the process. As he drove off, his lack of driving skills were on show as he banked too slowly and smashed into a building.

Despite this less than perfect escape, word quickly got round that someone had the guts to break into a Bounty Hunter Guild headquarters and free the prisoners right under the nose of their captors…

Jo Damba

This handsome, well-dressed human may strike most as being a charming and successful guy, but in reality he is down on his luck and the perfectly groomed suit on his back and the vial of synthetic anesthetic in his pocket is just about the only thing he owns in the world.

After following a smuggler into a rough-looking cantina, he managed to trade a stimpack for 2 free drinks and convincing the smuggler to play a game of sabacc (despite having nothing to ante up with). He quickly won 9 credits off this man before he left in disgust.

As Jo got up to leave himself, he bumped into a Wookie on his way in and convinced the giant furball to play a game with him as well. The game didn’t go very well, however, when Jo was caught cheating and the Wookie got angry. Worse still, Jo thought giving the Wookie a scathing telling off would stop this beast in his tracks, which unfortunately caused him to fly into a rage.

Jo barely managed to run off (with his suit ripped down the back), before hiding behind a nearby security patrol, who promptly shot down the enraged Wookie and told Jo to “kark off”.

Although Jo may have thought he was quite subtle in his scoring of 9 credits, the cantina bartender was able to quickly recall him when he heard that some important people were looking for a smooth-talking conman…


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